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REVIEW – J’adore Beaded Tunic by Denim 24/7 from Roaman’s (Including a Short Rant on Roaman’s)

Oct 6, 2013

Look at this:

J'adore Beaded Tunic by Denim 24/7 from Roaman's

Isn’t it gorgeous? Doesn’t it make you want the tunic? (The bangles? The earrings? The gold pants?? Even the girl???)

Well, that’s the point, right? They dress it up to look like something unrealistic so you’ll want it. They all do it – the clothing companies. I guess I can’t blame them, because it works. It’s like nearly naked women on motorcycles, right? We can get pissed about it, and we should, but we can also do something about it.

Me, I got tricked into buying it. (?) But I am at fault. I was young (it was 10 months ago) when I bought it and first wrote it up. I didn’t have enough experience with dressing with body acceptance or experience with this blouse to share with you its pros and cons, even though I tried.

As an aside, the bangle set she is wearing – I have that. I can’t wear it. The diameter is huge. I am truly convinced that it was designed by Hagrid. Notice how she has her arm up against her hip? That has to be to keep them from sliding off! I can’t find them in their on-line catalog, but my suggestion is measure the circumference of your wrist, determine how high you want your bangles to go and how much you can squish up your hand to get them on, and find out the size of the bangle before you buy it. Duh. Or just go try some on. Duh.


Feel free to complain to a clothing company if they don’t do what they should for you. You do not have to try to wear their poorly-fitted jeans. You DO NOT have to settle for ugly clothes, tight-armed sleeves, cutting bras, and chafing boots. These people are making a killing in an attempt to sell me stuff. They think they can make more money if they sell half-assed stuff cheap — the Wal-Marts of plus-sized clothing. They can get by with it because we let them. Sometimes our low self-esteem lets them. We shop with low self-esteem and body hatred. We shop in order to make the best of what we’ve got or to cover up what we don’t like.

I’ve been guilty of it, and it has cost me, and not just dollars.

However, as I will do, I am turning this into a learning and growth experience. Maybe you can benefit from it, too.

Now, back to the beautiful tunic.

I’m not sure how it is, dammit, that we ended up not getting a full-length photo of me in this lovely tunic by Denim 24/7 from Roaman’s (currently only available in red and black, but I have it in grape [shown] and deep teal). I have shared before that I feel pretty when I wear it, but to be fair, I am disappointed at how sheer the sleeves are. The top feels nice and obviously the bead work is beautiful. There is a light lining, and you can add a tank underneath if you choose. But the first time I wore this to work, I could tell right away that it wasn’t suitable for my office job because of the sleeves.

I am disappointed with Roaman’s not only because they use thin models (which gives us an unrealistic idea of how the clothes will look on us), but specifically with how they modeled this blouse. Either an added lining, thicker fabric, or a trick of lighting or photo retouching was done to make the advertised top look as though the sleeves were solid. This seems to be a trend from this line of stores. Maybe you’ve already noticed it and I’m behind the times.

Here is the top as it looks on me while I’m sitting. I apologize profusely for the lack of full-length photo.


And a close-up of the bead work, pretty much what made me fall in love with the blouse to begin with.


The fabric is a polyester chiffon sheer (as I said). The blouse is long and covers to the hip. It is flowing and has a ruffle around the bottom. It is feminine, yet seductive. You can machine wash it, but I’d do it separately in cold or even ice cold water, gentle cycle, turned inside out. You’re best off hanging it to dry.

It can look really pretty with a belt, and I [kicks self] wish I had a few photos showing that, too. It does not define the waist, but that would be a great way to make it do it.

Even with my large upper arms, the sleeves did not feel tight.

CONS: Sheer sleeves. Lack of waist definition.

PROS: Pretty much everything else.

In the photo, I’m wearing a size 26W. Some of the reviews on Roaman’s site say that it runs large, but I did not find that to be true. I measured and went by their size guide and got a perfect fit.

If you buy one, I’d love to see you in it. Post your photos in the comments. Thanks!


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  1. permalink
    Oct 6, 2013 1:29 pm

    I see what you mean about the arms, that is just odd. Can’t tell if you like Roamans or not. It is such a shame that we have to patronize places that make us crazy. –Jen


    • Oct 11, 2013 4:57 am


      I listed on a comment below some of the on-line companies I like better. I think I’ve left some out. I’ve been low on clothes budget this year, so I’ve been closing my eyes when the catalogs come!



  2. Oct 10, 2013 9:51 pm

    I love purple. Personally, I’m not into tunics,but I like the beadwork. About the sleeves,you definitely can’t tell that they are so sheer in the picture with the model. I never really liked Roamans, but that’s just me.
    Love the blog, btw.


    • Oct 11, 2013 4:55 am


      Thank you for the compliment. I am still up in the air about Roman’s and related companies (Jessica London, Woman Within). The positive is that, especially during sales, you can get some nice clothes at decent prices. The negatives are like some of the weird things I’ve described here. I like IGIGI, SimplyBe, Ashley Stewart, Avenue, and Ulla Popken much better. I like to get jeans from Lane Bryant and Woman Within. To me, jeans are jeans.



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