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Things Worth Remembering

Sep 18, 2013

Yes. It’s been awhile. I did not forget that I own a blog and have a responsibility to my subscribers. Sorry about that. A few things happened. But it happens. Maybe I’ll talk about it sometime. Until then, here’s a blog post…

Things worth remembering are those which cannot be looked up. The smell of my mother and the sound of her voice, the feel of my cat’s fur, where I last saw my husband’s belt – these are the things life is made of.

If I can Google it or find it on Wikipedia, it doesn’t need to take up space in my head. If I free my mind of the trivial, I can live in the moment and focus on love and relationships and what may later be gone.

My ears will not hear my mother sing again, for example, but her voice is in my head. I would give anything for a tape of her singing the songs of our childhood to us; they can never sell that on But I lost years of opportunity to human frivolity, anger, misguided focus, and just plain laziness.

Today, may I not take anything for granted. Humans are the only living beings that know we will die, yet we are the only beings that act as if we will live forever. We are stupid that way.

Here is a picture of my seventeen year old cat Princess taken a couple of weeks ago. She’s been with my husband since she was a tiny kitten, and she keeps on ticking. May this picture make you smile and remind you to take a picture of your cat today, because you never know what kind of funny face your cat will make, and someday, that picture might be your number one treasure.


You can also find her with her likeness on the meme page Totally Looks Like.

Goodnight, and remember what’s important.

Later…. ~Liz

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