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Polka-dot Passion, Polka-dot Crash

Jan 21, 2013

Well, welcome back! I’ve been out of commission, recovering from the holidays (the needed holiday from the holiday). I have some outfits to share with some great photos in the next few weeks, but first I want to write about something that happened this week.

I have found that polka-dots make me happy.

I got this top from ASOS Curve, Exclusive Soft Peplum Top in Navy and White Spot, Size 22, $35.18 and LOVED how it looked on me! I got compliments (from others as well as from myself :)), and felt pretty awesome in it. Although I don’t like the colors quite as much, I am going to get the Oxblood and Black version as well.


I have this sweater, CityChic’s Cute Polka Dot Cardi, Item Code: 67153, Size 24, $54.00. Darling! I’m just itching to put it on. Right now, my closet is in a state of disarray as I rearrange to get more organized, but this sweater is calling to me. I hope I love it as much as I did the ASOS Curve top.


On that Rochester, NY, trip, I found some cute and comfy microfiber black and white polka-dot panties at the Eastview Mall Lane Bryant. I bought all they had in my size. If I could find them on-line, I’d get more. I’ll hit our mall to see if there are some at its store.

I have some cute red and white polka-dot pajamas from Cacique to pick up at my local Catherine’s. It’s driving me nuts because I haven’t been able to get out there since they came in.


Is it possible not to use the word “cute” to describe polka-dots?

Yes, because here’s what happened.

I was SO excited about this pair of polka-dotted jeans I ordered from Woman Within last week.


I suppose subconsciously I knew that I was living dangerously, to order polka-dots in bottoms, but I was feeling so great about how comfortable I was becoming in my own skin and with my image in the mirror and photos that I must have put that out of my mind. The jeans came and I put them on the first day, which was Friday. They felt great! They were going to look great! I went to the mirror and…

Aw, crap.

There it was – my stomach. My hips. The way my stomach makes an upside-down heart shape when the jeans aren’t made a certain way. And polka-dots made it all over-obvious.

Aw, crap. And I cared.


Crash. Boom. Bang.

Sink. Sank. Sunk.

I don’t blame the jeans. And THAT is the problem – that I don’t blame the jeans. I should definitely be blaming the jeans, and the jeans’ maker. I know I could return them, but that’s such a pain, and it would seem like complete defeat.

So, I changed tops several times until I was satisfied with the outfit, and I think I know how I will wear them in the future. The jeans should be skinny jeans, too. Maybe I’ll track down my sewing machine and make them into skinny jeans. I’m going to beat these jeans into submission.

But, I feel like I’m back to square one, or at least square two, of clothing-wearing confidence. 😦 So, if you would, please share in the comments your experience or words of wisdom on the topics (polka-dots, confidence-regression, stupid clothing and the like, oh – and making straight-legged jeans into skinny jeans).


POLKA-DOT PASSION, POLKA-DOT CRASH SUPPLEMENTAL: I think I may have brainstormed the answer. Spanx! Stay tuned.



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