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Why Do I Suddenly Love Houndstooth?

Dec 7, 2012

It’s funny that in the blog world, 3-4 days without a post seems like forever! This has been some week, but it’s nearing the end. For some reason that I can’t explain (or that I actually can explain, but I won’t right now), I’m not sleepy yet, even though my body is pretty exhausted. I thought I’d get a post out before I crawl in bed. Ideally, I’d be writing the post in bed, but my husband seems to think he can’t sleep when the light is on or when I’m typing. I have suggested more than once that a pillow over his head will solve that problem. Maybe he needs hands-on experience to learn that.

Anyway…. I have a couple of topics for this post: either, “Why Do I Suddenly Love Houndstooth?” or “Helga.” Okay, the latter is not specific enough. “Helga And My Body Image Recovery” is better. I think I’ll make that the topic of my next post, because it’s too late tonight to get into that. I’ll focus on houndstooth instead.

I never in my life have thought about wearing houndstooth. Just in case you don’t know what the word “houndstooth” is referring to (Microsoft Office apparently does not), the Wikipedia page is here. And speaking of Wikipedia, today I donated a tiny $10 to it today. To donate, click here.

Again I say, I never in my life have thought about wearing houndstooth. It was “not my style” and would “make me look fat.” That was even when I had lost weight. It was too “classic” for me. I’m a bohemian, hippie rebel, not an Izod sweater, Bass penny loafer-wearing prep (yes, folks, I went to high school in the early 1980s where you were prep, punk, big hair, or something in between; I was none of those things back then – I was just rock and roll). But houndstooth is “in” again (what it means for something “classic” to be “in,” I don’t know), and the more I see it, the more I like it. It has a history to it (refer to the Wikipedia article linked to above). It is unique yet has variation, and it has a noticeable pattern. Herringbone would fall into the same category, I guess, but herringbone has become pervasive. And if it’s not pervasive, it automatically gets a higher score from me. Thus, houndstooth had the potential of becoming my friend immediately.

I have not (to my knowledge) ever worn houndstooth, but I keep noticing it now – coworkers, a woman going into the grocery store tonight, a plus-sized tank at Walmart (shhh! Yes, I was at Walmart. I had to buy insulin and syringes for a diabetic cat [you read that correctly], and the insulin is only $25 there [obviously because it is Walmart], but the cat will need a LOT of insulin, and I can’t even lie to you, dear reader, by trying to imply that the only reason I went to Walmart was for the insulin and syringes, because I go there for other reasons, too; tonight, I took two 11-year-old boys with me and let them each pick out something to get [which I paid for]; am I still in the parenthetical expression? I have gotten lost in my own black hole spiral tangent.) That was painful. I usually can’t hold my breath for that long.

Anyway…. (again)…. [NOW my eyes start to droop – right when I’m about to get on-topic!] So this tank top at Walmart was an accident. I bought it. It’s a 3X, Walmart size, and it may not fit. It’s a ponte knit [redundant] print and is technically “peplum.” It’s also really cute.

Here’s a picture from Walmart’s website. The “white” is more of an ivory in person. It is very soft and stretchy. I hope that with the right bra, it will look nice. Bras piss me off. But that’s a whole other post.

Walmart Women's Houndstooth Print Tank, approx. $15

Walmart Women’s Houndstooth Print Tank, approx. $15

Okay, I’m falling asleep, so I want to wrap this up.

I HAVE FOUND A PHOTOGRAPHER, AND I’M SO EXCITED!!! Once she and I get some of the details, logistics, etc., worked out, I’ll start posting some good looking photos. Give me a few weeks.

Here are a few of my new favorite houndstooth products that I am just dying to have! I am pretty sure that I do not like houndstooth of any other colors besides ivory/white and black.

So why DO I suddenly love houndstooth? Maybe because it’s mathematical and artistic, like an M.C. Escher drawing? Because it’s predictable? Because it has history? Yes, I’m a geek. I think way too much about things like this.

Incidentally, I had a great final paragraph to this post, but WordPress automatically saves drafts, and it saved an old draft over my latest draft, and then over my published post because it left two or three windows open. Every time you click on the Preview button, it opens a new tab. When you are falling asleep like I am right now, you can’t keep track of that. You really missed out on a good paragraph, too. I was telling you my favorite movie and television shows, my major in college, my job.

Oh, well. Here they go again. Eyelids… too… heavy.



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