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Earth Fare, Fuzzy Socks, and the Cow Hat

Nov 29, 2012

Hi! So. Much. To. Share.

Last Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), my husband and I were down in Noblesville at Earth Fare getting some lunch before heading to some of my relatives’ house. I was dressed in a tunic that I love, and vowed to dress comfortably that day because we were going to end up in the car 10 hours round trip. As much as I love the look of my boots and shoes, I was sticking to my Birkenstocks. It turned out to be too cold for that.

This is the tunic dress.

I was wearing fuzzy socks under my Birks. Rose-ish fuzzy socks that matched the embroidered flowers in my tunic. I paid a total of $17.16 (excluding shipping) for this tunic (it’s really a “dress”) on clearance from Woman Within in early October, and this was the first time I had worn it.It was casual, feminine, kinda looked like a night gown, but I loved it, and I will wear it again. The dress is no longer on the WW website, but here is a picture from the shipping confirmation email I received. I love it. It looks different on me in a size Woman Within 2X than it does on this model (I do wish the RedCat companies would use real plus sized models), but I still love it.

I want to be nice and nonjudgmental in this paragraph, but it will be hard because what happened next hurt me as much as it pissed me off. Noblesville is part of a rich area of suburbs of Indianapolis which includes Carmel and Fishers. The primary clientele in this mall are upper-middle class or rich wannabes. They can be snobby, whereas down in Indianapolis, people are more down to earth. So are the people up in my hometown. I was getting looks. It reminded me of the so many times people have stared at me – because of my weight, clothes, beauty, whatever. I don’t like it. The last and most painful straw was when we were standing up ready to leave, and these two (slim, richly dressed, yuppie, 30-something) women walked by and one of them said, NOT under her breath as she saw my feet (Birkenstocks and socks and all), “Well THAT looks nice!” She might as well have kicked me in the gut.

In spite of that, we had a great day. It was fantastic to see my 90-year old uncle and his daughter, my cousin. They are only 4.5 hours away, but I don’t see them often. On the way up, we stopped at Fair Oaks Farms because my husband wanted some ice cream. My goal was to find a hat and gloves, and I did, tee hee. Hat…. Gloves. The gloves are really socks, but they did the trick.

This is the cow hat.

This is a cow-glove-wannabe (a cow sock).

So, if you can imagine (I apologize for the lack of photo… it didn’t occur to me) – I’m in the tunic dress, sateen blue jeans, Birkenstocks, bright rose fuzzy socks, a cow hat, cow socks for gloves, and a black leather jacket. Family traveling, casual day fashion.  The biatch in Earth Fare can kiss my ass. I rocked.

I think this applies here. From Tanesha Awasthi’s Facebook page, Girl With Curves.

Loving myself, accepting and adoring myself are not easy tasks, but I found that no matter what my size or what clothes I wear, WHEN I AM MYSELF, I love myself the best!

Until later…


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