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Shopping Challenges

Nov 22, 2012

This post is not going to be about what you think it is.

Okay, I don’t like dressing rooms – or I didn’t. I didn’t like dressing rooms because of my war with my body and my war with my self-esteem. Now I don’t like dressing rooms because I sweat all the time. All I have to do is walk into a department store and I start to perspire. It’s an automatic response. My husband and I were in Charming Charlie a couple of weeks ago, and when he saw my face dripping with sweat he thought I was nervous about spending money. Me, be nervous about spending money?? He wishes. So I reminded him (again) that I’m going through menopause (year 5 of 10). “Oh,” he said. Yeah. “Oh.” One of these days, maybe I’ll share about my paradoxical, love-hate, shopping-while-married [to a “frugal” spouse] challenges.

But… this post is about the challenges and FUN of being a new plus-sized shopper with style! And what IS Liz’s style? Well, it appears that my shopping style now is the same as it was when I would give myself permission to buy a whole new wardrobe after a bout of weight loss. Fat Elizabeth loves the same kinds of clothes as did “fat-in-the-head” Elizabeth! Who would have thought? These new challenges are fun, exciting challenges! I feel like I just got a new puppy – that kind of fun and exciting challenge. There is no other parallel but that a puppy is fun and exciting. And a challenge. And new.

Bohemian (Boho) and Hippie styles are my favorites, but not my only style. They go along with my favorite music – folk, folk-country, some Americana. I love shoes and boots, but my feet and legs do not. They are happiest when I wear my Birkenstocks. They hate socks and being bound. Nonetheless, I wear boots, shoes, and socks. I have, though, finally learned after all this time to just buy them the right size, or better yet, buy them larger.

I have handy these photos of my Birkenstocks from 2010 engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. The male feet in the photos belong to my husband. Be still my heart! Birkenstocks, I love you.


I seem to be transitioning my love of the Bohemian into a polished and mature fashion consciousness that fits with my age, maturity, and personalities. Okay, yes. I did write personalities. Let’s call it eclectic style. I will get some photos out in the next few days. I have four days in a row off, and plenty of time to play. Until then, here are some links to some of my new favorites:

Do not miss the Thanksgiving and Black Friday on-line sales! I have already hit Ashley Stewart, IGIGI (I love the name of this company), Jessica London, Roaman’s, Woman Within, Lane Bryant, and Catherine’s.

Hints and tips I’ve learned while shopping on-line. Make sure you enter the promotion code in your shopping cart if one is needed. Take advantage of free shipping as much as possible. Get a Catherine’s Perk’s card for 10% off always from Catherine’s. Order Jessica London, Roaman’s, Woman Within, IGIGI, Alight, Kiyonna (check out the beautiful women on Kiyonna’s home page today), SWAK, Ulla Popken, and other brands through One Stop Plus to get $2.99 shipping by joining the OSP Shopper’s Club when there is no free shipping deal available.

Always try to combine promotion codes. Shopping sites will notify you when that isn’t allowed. Use the best promotion code available at the time. If you save a shopping cart until later, some sites will lose your promotion code from your shopping cart, so always verify that it is still in effect and if not, enter it again. If a promotion code is for something like $10 on an order of $25 or more, then by all means, buy something worth about $25, get your $10 off, and then place another order using the same promotion code! Don’t put your items all in one shopping cart to pay all at once. Unless, of course, yours is a one-use code (or shipping costs are ridiculous). If you have a promotion for something like 40% off the first item and 20% off the next item with the purchase of 3 items, then place multiple orders of 3! Calculate which is cheaper of your available promotion codes.

There is no sin in saving as much as you can. If the website will let you do it, then do it!

Deb is 40% off and started at midnight today. I mean, that stuff’s cheap! The plus sizes at Deb are too small for me (but maybe not you), but oh oh oh, not the shoes and accessories! I can mix them with any outfit. And Carson’s sale is AMAZING today!

So… I’m getting back to my shopping. I read a recent statistic that a high percentage of women say that they shop on Black Friday primarily for themselves. I guess I’m in good company! I don’t sweat when I on-line shop. Tee hee.


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